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Line-up : Cédric L. – Drums / Julien H – Vocals Adrien L. – Guitar / Thibaut A. – Guitar / Guillaume T. – Bass 



• Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francis Caste
• Artwork by Jean-Luc Navette (Viva dolor)
• 12” LP out 1st september MMXIII and limited to 500  copies
• Co-release Throatruiner Records & Ruins Records

“Parisian filthy metallic hardcore act COWARDS returns with “Hoarder”, the follow-up to 2012’s “Shooting Blanks And Pills”. This new EP was recorded by producer Francis Caste (Kickback, Eibon, Arkhon Infaustus) at Sainte-Marthe Studio and illustrated by respected tattoo artist/illustrator Jean-Luc Navette. Five new tracks of throat-ripping hardcore/sludge, including a massive cover of 16 Horsepower’s «Blessed Persistence».”

07.04.17 – Horst w/ Lifespite & Probation (NL)
08.04.17 – Duisburg w/ Easy Money, Guilt Trip, Strength, Ghetto Justice @ Jungenzentrum St Peter
16.04.17 – Paris – Glad Stone Fest 9 w/ Hangman’s Chair, Wolvennest, Fange, Deliverance @ Le Glazart
05.05.17 – Bourges w/ Stuntman, Nevrosis, I’ve learned @ Le Nadir
07.05.17 – Guéret – Metal Culture Festival w/ Bongzilla, Year of No Light @ Chapelle de la Providence
13.05.17 – Rennes – Antisthene Shows w/ Pilori @ Mondo Bizarro
10.06.17 – Angers – Mad Ink – Convention Tatouage @ Le Quai
14.10.17 – Rouen – Mort Bleue Convention Tatouage w/ Nuisible @ LE 106


18.04.17 – Paris – Mejej Fest 2 w/ Lord Humungus & The Prisoner @ Le cirque Electrique
04.03.17 – Bressuire w/ Porc & Like pig on Ambers @ Salle Emeraude
25.02.17 – Nantes w/ Ruines & Deathengine @ Scène Michelet
09.02.17 – Montpellier w/ Rescue rangers @ Maison des étudiants
04.11.16 – Paris w/ Pilori & Lazare @ Le cirque Electrique
15.10.16 – Bordeaux w/ meute, angoisse @ le fridge
14.10.16 – Toulouse @ le saint des seins w/ Lindbergh, marble feather
12.10.16 – Montpellier w/ stuntman @ black sheep
17.06.16 – Hellfest open air w/converge, black sabbath, victims….
11.06.16 – Tours, Winchester w/Pilori
10.06.16 – Anger, T’es rock coco w/Pilori
09.06.16 – Rouen, Hipster Café w/Nusible & Pilori
21.05.16 – Roissy En brie, Pub ADK w/Cult of Occult
15.04.16 – Paris, Le Klub w/All for nothing
28.11.15 – Rennes, Le jardin moderne, Superbowl of Hardcore Festival w/Leeway, Knuckle Dust, For The glory
23.09.15 – Paris, Le Petit bain w/Arkangel, Hangmans chair
12.09.15 – Bourges, Le Nadir (emmetrop) w/RVINES
11.09.15 – Rochefort, Le Bijou w/RVINES, Corrupt
10.09.15 – Bordeaux, Le Fridge w/RVINES
05.06.15 – Toxoplasmose Fest. (CH)
04.06.15 – Strasbourg, Kawati Studios /w Haut&Court (FR)
03.06.15 – Saint-Dié-des-Vosges /w Anunaki (FR)
02.06.15 – Paris, Le Klub /w suburban scum, rude awakening, pyrecult (FR)
16.05.15 – Geneva, L’Usine, Throatruiner Records Festival (CH)
14.05.15 – Paris, Glazart, Throatruiner Ṙecords Festival (FR)
08.05.15 – Troyes, Le Chapeau Rouge (FR)
07.05.15 – Groningen, Simplon (NL)
06.05.15 – Antwerp, Music City /w San Diablo (BE)
05.05.15 – Saint-Etienne, L’assommoir /w Plèvre (FR)
04.05.15 – La chaux-de-fonds, Bikini test (CH)
03.05.15 – Martigny, Sunset Bar /w Circle Of Execution (CH)
02.05.15 – Saint-Ingbert, Juz St. Ingbert /w Implore, Slowly We Rot (BE)
01.05.15 – Giessen, AK44 /w Revok, Membrane (DE)
30.04.15 – Minden, Papagei /w Soul Grip (DE)
29.04.15 – Essen, Emokeller /w Slowly We Rot (DE)
28.04.15 – Krakow, Kawiarnia Naukowa – Wydarzenia (PL)
27.04.15 – Berlin , Trixxxter /w Sick Eater, Whorns (DE)
26.04.15 – Münster , Cafe Lorenz /w dopethrone (DE)
25.04.15 – Saint-Amandsberg , Jeugdhuis JOB, /w Soul Grip (BE)
24.04.15 – Rotterdam, Soundcheck Schiedam (NL)
07.03.15 – Caen, Le bocal w/Maussade, Defiance (FR)
06.03.15 – Rouen, Les 3 Piéces (FR)
05.03.15 – Nantes, La scéne Michelet w/Calvaiire (FR)
04.03.15 – Poitiers, Le Zinc (FR)
08.02.15 – Lisboa, RCA Club w/ Oathbreaker, Bolzer (P)
14.11.14 – Lille, El Diablo w/ General Lee (FR)
07.11.14 – Montreuil, Les instants chavirés w/ Mur(FR)
22.08.14 – Chambalon, Yellfest (FR)
07.05.14 – Paris, La mecanique ondulatoire (FR)
21.04.14 – Montbéliard, Impetus festival (FR)
22.04.14 – Brussels, DNA (BE)
23.04.14 – Dresden, Lion’s Den (DE)
24.04.14 – AC17, Chemnitz (DE)
25.04.14 – Frankfurt (DE)
26.04.14 – Wermelskirschen, AJZ Bahndamm (DE)
18.02.14 – London – The Unicorn Camden Live (UK)
19.02.14 – Preston – The Ferret (UK)
20.02.14 – Huddersfield – Parish (UK)
21.02.14 – Leicester – The Shed (UK)
22.02.14 – Bristol – Red Lion (UK)
23.02.14 – Brighton – Cowley Club (UK)
13.01.14 – Paris – La miroiterie w/ Direwolves & Calvaiire
07.12.13 – Rouen – Brainscrushing Fest

06.11.13 – Porto (P)
07.11.13 – Braga (P)
08.11.13 – bompar (P)
09.11.13 – Barcelos (P)

25.10.13 – Poitiers – Le zinc (FR)
26.10.13 – Orleans (FR)
25.09.13 – Paris – La Flêche d’or w/ Ken Mode & Unkind (FR)

17.08.13 – Santa Clara (Cuba)
18.08.13 – Holguin (Cuba)
19.08.13 – Bayamo (Cuba)
20.08.13 – Camagüey (Cuba)
21.08.13 – Sancti Spiritus (Cuba)
22.08.13 – Maxim Rock – La habana (Cuba)
23.08.13 – Pinar del Rio (Cuba)

05.04.13 – Pandorfest – Caen BBC (FR)
23.03.13 – Le belushi’s – PAris W/ Coubiac + Remote (FR)
07.03.13 – Le Lezard – Le Mans W/ Vengeance Today (FR)
06.03.13 – Café de Paris – Paris W/ The Lowest (FR)
15.02.13 – Pied Nu – Le Havre W/ Revok (FR)
05.02.13 – La scène – Paris W/ Hessian + Kill For Peace + Gazers (FR)
03.11.12 – Cantine de Belleville – Paris W/ Elizabeth (FR)
02.11.12 – Emporium Galorium – Rouen W/ Elizabeth (FR)
01.11.12 – SBGB – Liege W/ Elizabeth (B)
31.10.12 – La rumeur – Lille W/ Elizabeth (FR)
30.10.12 – Molodoi – Strasbourg W/ Elizabeth (FR)
11.10.12 – Glazart – Paris W/ Every Reason To… + General Lee (FR)
30.09.12 – Le Ferrailleur – Nantes W/ Full Of Hell + New Lows (FR)



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1. The old City
2. Smell of an addict
3. Fork out
4. Where lies the anchor
5. Nlessed Persistence

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The old city

At Last The Crawling Chaos
Danger Widespread
Embrassing Fantasies Of The Night
Whispered Warning Prophecies
A Threat Shout Out, Ego Guilt Strike
Ego Guilt Strike
Pale And Worried Faces Shiver
To The God Unknown
The Native Blood None Can Tell
To The God Unnamed
Swelled With Fame, Slender, Sinister
In The Small Hours, Spent With Screams Of Nightmare
Shrieks Of The City Disturb The Pale
Against The Sick Sky, Crumble In Tremor
Crumble In Tremor
Pale And Worried Faces Shiver
To The God Unknown
The Native Blood None Can Tell
To The God Unnamed
The Old City Of Unnumbered Crimes
Eager To Burn
Eager To Burn, Impressive Beyond
In The Sputter Of My Sparks
I Will Take From You
In Your Eyes
What Others Don’t See
You’ll Never Miss This Long
This Long
Restless Crowds Through The Night
Hooded Forms Peering From Behind
Grotesque In Your Trembling Protest Imposture
Leaving Only The Echoes
Of A Shocking Man
Scream Aloud You’re Not Afraid
Others Will Scream With You For Solace
Swear To One Another You’re Still The Same

The Smell Of An Addict

Likes Rats And Roaches
Living Shadows Of Men
In Your Trail Of Shit You’re Dozed
Abhor What You Wish You’d Been
This Pink Suit Of Ignorance
Shackles And Binds Your Arms
Enjoy The Great Fist Fucked Irony
Beg For More And Call Me Satan
Extend Your Hand And Hold The Heart
Of The Void Inside
Inside Your Soul
Behold The Thousand Smiles
A Thousand Miles From Life
A Thousand Miles For Life
As Faceless As A Mask Can Be
Drag The Waters, Stumble Upon
Numb Noses And Broken Teeth
The Smile Of An Addict
Extend Your Hand And Hold The Heart
Of The Void Inside
Inside Your Soul
Behold The Thousand Smiles
Writhing In Hands That Are No Hands
The World’s Vague Ghost
Inhabits The Temples Of Nameless Rocks
From Your Unlighted Chambers

Fork Out

Every Man Like Cocaine High
Every Time Hung Out Dry
Every Time Hung Out To Dry
Expect No Less, And Cease Your Lease
Numb Faced, Dumb Eyed
Fraud In, Fraud Out
Snake Out Through The Day
Posing As A Man
Use The Used
Abuse The Users
Pork Out On Life
Fork Out The Lies
Fork Out
Trapped Under Ice
Blind Sides Of Glass
Model Of A Man
Lost In The Turmoil
Model Of A Man
Call It A Blindfold
Model Of A Man
Caught In A Can
Obese Cysts Of Blank Ideas
Every Man Like Cocaine High
Every Time Hung Out Dry
Every Time Hung Out To Dry
Expect No Less, And Cease Your Lease

Where Lies The Anchor

All In The Name Of Suffering
Yes It’s True
I Got No Faith In You
Yet I’ve Got Nothing Against You
For Now
For Me You’ve Got Nothing
See Past The Errors
Stepping Through The Glass
Dragging Your Soul Where
Lies The Anchor
Quiet Now, Quiet Now, It’s Time For Mass
Why Can’t I Stand To
See Your Eyes?
You’ll Have To See Me
Drop Out Of Your Race
But Still And For Long
You’ll Have To Suffer
Suffer My Grin
Old Timer
In The Unlit Hole
A Broken Ladder
Out Of This Quarrel
Out Of This Quarrel

Blessed Persistance (16 horse power cover)

i changed my mind
and looked no better
hard of hart blind blind to his higher art
my frustration
my anger in disguise i slip under
i slip under quiet
he spots me anyhow
chalk up my name
you burn my bridges for me
to a dry and clackin stalk
i swallow stone
they do not recognize inside with them
the locust has no king
just noise and hard language
they talk me over but i fade slower
on fever
blessed persistence right under my skin
blessed persistence
blessed persistence right under my skin
you burn my bridges for me
to a dry and clackin stalk
blessed persistence
nothing comes to mind
nothing comes to mind
nothing comes to mind
nothing comes to mind
hey chalk up my name
right under your skin
to a dry and clackin stalk
nothing comes
nothing comes to mind
nothing comes
nothing comes to mind
nothing comes to mind